BMM Inc provides legal services and advice in the following areas:


Once thought of as the ‘little” sphere of government, the growth of South Africa’s democracy has resulted in an increased focus on the importance and functioning of the local government sphere. In most instances, the local government sphere is the first point of contact between the community and the government.

At BMM Inc we provide legal services on various aspects of local government including the following:

  • The drafting of by-laws;
  • The interpretation of by-laws;
  • Drafting of policies;
  • Collection of municipal rates;
  • Advice on the decision making aspects of municipal councils and municipal administration, our emphasis is on the constitutional and administrative law aspects of these process;
  • Councillor training; and
  • General advice on the interpretation and implementation of the Local Government: Municipal Structures Act, Local Government: Municipal Systems Act; Local Government: Municipal Finance Management Act; and the Local Government: Municipal Property Rates Act

We also act on behalf of municipalities and municipal entities in the recovery of funds lost due to irregular and/or wasteful expenditure.


The legal aspects of the relationship between the employer and employee can at times become very complex. Employers need to know what is expected of them in order to comply whilst on the other hand, employees need to know their rights in order to avoid unfair labour practices. Most times this relationship is understood as a “push and pull” relationship because of the competing interests. At BMM Inc we realise that there are times when the interests of the parties compete against each other, but we have also adopted the view that in some instances this is the incorrect way to understand this relationship and that understanding the relationship as a collaboration for the mutual benefit of the parties can lead to a more efficient resolution of disputes.

BMM Inc acts for both employers and employees in resolving employment disputes. Our areas of focus include:

  • Unfair dismissal disputes and representation of parties in various forums ranging from the CCMA, bargaining councils, Labour Court; and private arbitrations
  • Drafting employment contracts;
  • Drafting internal policies such as a disciplinary codes and procedures;
  • Disciplinary proceedings against senior managers and executives;
  • Advising on strikes and lockouts;
  • Advising on retrenchments; and
  • Advising on the conduct and preparation of internal disciplinary hearings


BMM Inc provides quality legal services in the commercial sphere which includes the drafting of the various agreements such as:

  • Association Agreements;
  • Agency Agreements;
  • Joint Venture Agreements;
  • Memorandum of Understanding;
  • Lease agreements in respect of both moveable and immovable property;
  • Partnership agreements;
  • Sale agreements in respect of both moveable and immovable property;

We also provide service relating the formation, registration, and incorporation of companies.


BMM Inc understands the crippling effect that unpaid debts in the form of loans and accounts etc. can have on your business operations or personal life. An efficient recovery and collections system is critical to the sustainability of any business. At BMM Inc we offer services that designed to efficiently collect any debts that are due to you efficiently and timeously. All you have to do is refer the debtor to us and then leave it in our capable hands.

Our debt recovery and collections services include:

  • Drafting of letters of demand;
  • Drafting of the requisite notices in terms of the National Credit Act;
  • Drafting of Acknowledgment of debt agreements;
  • General advice on the interpretation and application of the National Credit Act;
  • Issuing of summons against recalcitrant debtors;
  • Execution of any judgment obtained against the debtors;
  • Tracing of debtors;


The concept of a “family” has seen remarkable change in its definition and understanding. As a result of this change, there has been an increased demand for the regulation of family relationships through legal agreements.

At BMM Inc we offer the following legal services relating to family law:

  • Institution of divorce proceedings;
  • Drafting of Parenting agreements;
  • Child custody and access disputes;
  • Maintenance applications;
  • Application for protection orders and interdicts in Domestic Violence matters


Where it is impossible to negotiate an amicable resolution to a matter or where your rights and interests can best be protected by obtaining a court order, BMM Inc has a team that is fully capable of litigating on your behalf on a range of matters in the High Court, Labour Court, and Magistrate’s Court.

At BMM Inc we view litigation is the last solution primarily because it is time consuming, costly and adversarial in nature which means it is not conducive to restoring relations between the parties.